Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cast of Characters

Judge Leslie Block – Judge at the trial of the Bust, a formal naval officer and staunch provincial moralist.
Patti Boyd – Girlfriend of George Harrison, present at Redlands but left before bust
Tony Bramwell – Friend and associate of Beatles, present at Redlands but left before bust
Michael Cooper – @Redlands Bust - Photographer, died of heroin overdose 1973, left an archive of 70,000 image archive documenting 1965 - 1971 of Rolling Stones
Nicky Cramer/Kramer– @Redlands Bust - Kings Road Flower child
Chief Inspector Gordon Dinely – Police officer led the Redlands Bust
Marianne Faithfull – @Redlands Bust - 20 years old and girlfriend of Mick Jagger
Robert Fraser – @Redlands Bust - Art dealer and gallery owner, died in 1986
Woman Detective Constable E. D. Fuller - Searched Faithfull during Bust
George Harrison – Beatle, at Redlands but left with Patti Boyd before the bust
Michael Havers - Counsel to Jagger and Richards
Christopher Gibbs – @Redlands Bust – Personal friend of Mick Jagger, old Etonian
Mick Jagger – @ Redlands Bust - Singer of the Rolling Stones, 24 years old.
Mohammed Jajaj - @Redlands Bust -Moroccan servant of Robert Fraser
Edward James - Eccentric patron of the Surrealists whose home was filled with all sorts of follies and strange works of art.
Brian Jones – Guitar player of the Rolling Stones
David Litvinoff – Tough guy and thief known to Stones and also associate of the Krays
Malcom Morris - Queen’s Counsel, leading for the prosecution
Anita Pallenberg – Girlfriend of Brian Jones and later Keith Richards
William Rees-Mogg – Editor of the London Times and author of the “Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel?” editorial
Keith Richards – @Redlands Bust - Guitar player of the Rolling Stones, owner of Redlands country house
Tony Sanchez – Spanish Tony
David Schneidermann - @Redlands Bust - Canadian or Californian whose nickname was the Acid King
Charlie Watts – Drummer of the Rolling Stones
Bill Wyman – Bass Player of the Rolling Stones
Trevor Kempson – News of the World reporter


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