Thursday, February 16, 2006

Keith Richard and Christopher Gibb talk

There was a realization that the powers that be ac tually looked upon is as important enough to make a big statement and to weild the hammer. But they’d also made us more important than we ever bloody well were in the first place.

Keith Richard p 112 According to the Rolling Stones

The infamous David Schneiderman, on the other hand, was a pied-piperish character, who the hell he was, and where he came from, nobody knew, he had just popped up. He was able to tune into everybody’s wavelength and was seductive, satanic, the devil in his most beguiling of disguises. After the bust he vanished as devils do, in a puff of smoke, and was never seen again.

Christopher Gibb who was present at Redlands during the bust talking about David Schneiderman, the infamous Acid King also present during the bust. P138 According to the Rolling Stones.


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