Friday, February 17, 2006

The story according to Stanley Booth

Stanley Booth in his book: The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, devotes a few paragraphs to the story of the Redlands Bust.

But by the following Sunday, Jagger was back in London and on a radio talk show defending the Stones against the show’s two other guests, one of whom had a poodle named “Bobby’s Girl” after her hit record, and against the tabloid News of the World, which that day had published a story about pop stars and drugs accusing Mick, among others, of taking LSD. Mick said he had never taken LSD and that his lawyers would sue. Two days later, the News of the World was served with a writ for libel.

The next Lord’s Day the Stones would never forget. It climaxed at about eight o’clock in the evening, when nineteen policeman and –women descended on Keith’s country house, Redlands. Micj, Keith Marianne, Robert Fraser, and some other people were down from London for the weekend. “Anita and Brian were gonna come but Brian started a fight,” Keith said. “We just left them fighting.” The police took some substances from the premises and left.

On March 20 Keith and Mick received court summonses alleging offenses against the Dangerous Drugs Act.

pp 243-244 The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones - Stanley Booth.


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